We don’t usually see a birthday without cake cutting, do we? Well, it’s a tradition to celebrate it that way. Also, the internet has made it possible for customers to customize and buy cakes without visiting the bakery. If you are running out of ideas about birthday cakes for a special event, choosing personalized birthday cakes is an ideal option.

Reasons Online Birthday Cakes are Special

A delicious, unique birthday cake will take the event to a whole new level. By surfing online, you can find a wide variety of cakes from the online bakery. One of the best things about ordering birthday cakes online is getting the cakes in varying ingredient bases. Customized cakes with different flavors are suitable for people of all ages.

How to Order a Personalized Cake Online?

When it comes to personalized cakes, they should be filled with different flavors and ingredients that are apt for your loved one. At the time of personalizing the cake, you should follow some crucial steps. Firstly, look at the latest cake designs for the birthday. Secondly, get the idea to customize the cake.

  1. Instruct a Clear Idea of What You Need

Your instructions should be informative enough for the online cake shop dealers to understand what you desire. You can also provide the general theme of birthday cake design with detailed colors and flavors.

  • Mention the Due Date

You must ensure that the cake is delivered right on time. So, ordering a cake before a week is ideal to obtain the cake on time. The time taken for cake preparation and delivery can depend on several factors, like your location, cake flavor, etc. Ask the bakery about the preparation and delivery time to fix the due date.

  • Consider your Guests

Apart from the flavor, you must also consider the size of the cake. So, when ordering the cake, count the number of guests who will attend the event. Modern custom cakes come in different shapes and sizes, so be sure to order the one according to your requirements.

  • Set in Your Budget

It is not ideal to order personalized cakes without having a rough idea about the cost. Create a realistic budget first and then decide the flavor, size, and other aspects of the cake.

Remember, personalized birthday cakes are a culinary masterpiece. The baker adds high-quality ingredients like fresh butter, organic sugar and flour, and premium flavorings. Moreover, it’s the professional, master bakers who bake the cake and decorate it by hand. Thus, the time and ingredients might cost a bit more.

The Cost of Personalized Cakes

The final price of a customized cake will depend on several factors. A 1kg dark chocolate cake will not cost the same as a 1 kg red velvet cake. Keep in mind that many aspects affect the final cost of the cake – the theme, flavor, frosting type, cake style, size, and a few more.

So, when deciding the budget, consider these factors. One of the best ways to do that is to connect with a reputable personalized baker and specify your requirements and get an approximate quote. That will help you know if the cake is within your budget.

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