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The world of personalized cakes is a lot different from regular cakes. Thus, everything, right from pricing to notice duration, is very different when people think about ordering personalised birthday cakes. But what makes them unique? What makes their prices rise up? Why do cake bakers need you to order personalised cakes far in advance? You will find answers to all these questions in this blog. So, if you are curious and want to know the mystery of the world of personalised cakes, then keep reading till the end.

Let’s start with the basic question that most people have when they hear about personalised cakes.

What makes a cake to be called personalised or custom?

A personalised cake, popularly known as custom cake, can be any type of cake with requirements that go beyond the call of regular cake work. A personalised cake can include anything right from printing a special photo to fondant pieces and detailing that requires extra effort than a traditional style birthday cake. Tiered cakes for birthdays and anniversaries are also called custom cakes.

How much does a personalised birthday cake cost?

There are no fixed prices for personalised birthday cakes because prices are determined based on what type of cake and detailing you want. Besides, other factors like the size and weight of the cake, what will work for your guests, and what budget you have will also influence how much detailing or special requirements you can make.

Generally, the cost of a custom birthday cake starts with the size, cake flavours, ingredients, design work, and labour work and hours. So, it is always best to call a cake bakery in your area to know if they take custom cake orders. If they do, then share what kind of cake you want for how many guests to get the most precise estimate.

Why is the cost of a custom cake not the same as the base price of regular cakes on the website?

The base pricing for cakes helps you get an idea of how many servings you will get for each size. And the basic pricing is for only cakes with frosting and minimal decoration. Once the cake bakers add hours of work and special ingredients required, the prices of custom cakes are adjusted. Most often the cost of custom cake work depends on the time required to prepare it. So, the more complex design a custom cake has, the higher the price tag it comes with.

Thus, it is always better to let the cake baker know your budget upfront so that they can help you know what is or isn’t possible within that budget. They can also make some suggestions or vary designs to your budget accordingly.

Why is there a notice period for placing a custom cake order?

Personalized birthday cakes take time and there’s so much that goes into preparing a cake that meets special demands. Thus, you need to order a custom birthday cake at least two weeks before, depending on the level of customization you want. And don’t assume something to be easy or hard. Some work that might seem easy to you can take hours or days for bakers to complete.

In case you plan to order a custom multi-tier birthday cake just like a wedding cake, we highly recommend you to visit or talk to your cake baker on phone about the order one to two months in advance. Otherwise, a custom cake order with less timeframe during a busy season might get rejected. 

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