Birthday Cakes

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Celebrations like birthdays don’t get weighed down even though they can be celebrated every year, and cakes are an important part of these celebrations. So, whether you are celebrating with your friends and family as a grand celebration or just an intimate and tiny celebration with the love of your life, the ritual of birthday cake cutting is relevant.

Med Cakes is a certified bakery in Watford, United Kingdom, that offers timely birthday cake delivery – because imagine getting your delivery after your birthday! We are a professional team of qualified chefs who work on a versatile range of birthday cakes. Some are inspired by our favourite recipes and flavours, while others are inspired by past birthday cake delivery during our years of experience.

Our cakes for birthdays are not merely a cake to cut and eat with your friends; we genuinely try to deliver something that makes you feel special about growing. Our 18th birthday cake will be different from a 21st birthday cake, and certainly, from a 30th birthday cake. While our 18th birthday cake for you or the birthday person will evoke a sense of getting old and responsible, a 21st birthday cake and 30th birthday cake will be relevant to the ages accordingly.

At Med Cakes, we work on cakes prepared from quality ingredients and a wide range of flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, coffee, lemon cakes, pineapple, cheesecakes, and basically anything the whole UK desires to eat on their birthdays.

Our professional team also includes some of the best cake artists working on designs that can make a person happy and scream with joy. We also include ingredients that can be eaten by anyone at the party and is inclusive of most taste buds.