Photo Cakes

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Photo Cakes
Since we are finally online, Asda personalised cakes are no longer hard to find. Whether you are planning a birthday or an anniversary celebration, Asda photo cake is one of the best ways to relive a sweet memory or make the cake personalised. With years of experience, we certainly know how to make a photo cake properly without making the picture look out of place.

Med Cakes is a qualified and certified bakery, offering vegan cakes for many years now. Our cakes are mostly delivered in Watford, United Kingdom, where we meet requests like a birthday cake with a photo. Our team includes expert chefs, bakers, and artists, who are equally passionate and crazy about celebrations and cakes. Our vegan cakes range from a variety of flavours, toppings, and art that certainly match the vibe of the photos.

With an Asda photo cake, we aim to evoke a sense of personalisation to make a person’s day memorable while also offering a way to share past memories with everyone through a photo cake. Apart from the birthday cake with a photo, you still have the chance to make it more personalised with art and decorations.

Since a party involves people with a different sense of taste and diet requirements, we aim to bake our cakes with ingredients that are highly respectful of all diets and taste buds. If someone in your party is not the greatest fan of chocolates, we have completely chocolate free recipes and yet equally tasty for all.

Some of the common flavours we have at Med Cakes are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, red velvet, cheesecakes, and many more. And about the toppings, fruits are some of the most commonly used ones that we go for. While strawberries and cherries are common, we can also do exotic fruits on request.