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Coconut Tart

For the Sweet Base we need:

125gr Margarine

125gr Sugar

2 Eggs

1tsp vanilla flavour

250gr Plain white flour

10gr baking powder


For the  Coconut Cream fillings we need:


250ml of coconut milk ( to boil 200ml and keep 50ml for mixing)

50gr sugar


15gr corn flour

15gr coconut flour

1tsp coconut flavour


First we start preparing the sweet base by mixing sugar and margarine. We add after eggs and vanilla and finally the flour and baking powder. put it in fridge for a while after take it out and roll it as mini or big tarts.


we start now making the coconut cream filling. We boil the coconut milk in a saucepan in the meantime mix the eggs sugar corn flour and coconut flour and flavour together with the cup of coconut milk. after the coconut milk is boiled we the mix and put it back on medium fire and keep stirring until it thicken

fill your tart and bake them for 20-25mn on 180C gaz mark 5.

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Chef Mohammed